Sporty TWIN CARB Aussie Hunters by Chrysler Australia!


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RARE Australian ... Chrysler/Hillman/Arrow/Rootes/Sunbeam/Humber/Commer parts but mostly...




(YES! We regularly Ship to New Zealand etc)    :)



Best to EMAIL US your list of  Parts wanted, and include your exact vehicle Model, Year, Engine size, Transmission type etc in the Heading. Then we will have a look for you, and will email you back with full details once we have sorted your parts. (Provide your Delivery address including Suburb, Post code and State for a Total)


Or PH:  0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA our EMAIL above for parts enquiries) 


Chrysler / Hillman HUNTER PARTS  
 FOR SALE!   HB, HC, HE 1967-1973 etc

Mostly NEW / NOS PARTS! Many previously impossible to get in Australia

Service BRAKES

. Brand NEW Hillman Hunter BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS $185.00 

Hi quality Italian made!  Lockheed type but modernised/improved with safer see through/non-rust reservoir and removable fluid filter.

 3/4" ( bore size and 3/8" thread as original.  Replaces Chrysler Factory Part Number: 1237964 (Originally listed to suit manual Transmission but we run them on our Auto Hunters too) and ... Hillman Hunter, Sunbeam Alpine I to V, Alpine Fastback, Hillman Minx, Singer Gazelle, Humber Sceptre.


 . NOS/NEW Hillman Hunter front DISC Brake PADS $75.00 SET of 4 (The harder to get, proper larger area pads that were originally fitted to power boosted/servo equipped cars) 

  . NOS/NEW Hillman Hunter front Disc Brake CALIPER PISTONS full SET of four $225.00 

  . NOS/NEW Hillman Hunter front Disc Brake CALIPER SEALS KITS  $124.00 (Both sides of car / 2 Kits )

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter BRAKE DISCS/Rotors SET/pair  $439.00  PN 71237457

 NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Rear BRAKE WHEEL CYLINDERS SET/pair $219.00  HC, HE. Original PN was 5059831.  Fresh NEW stock for safety & quality!  Fixed double acting type to suit most Australian Hunters. (Except early HB Hunters with the floating single acting type)

  . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Rear BRAKE DRUMS SET/pair  $449.00  PN 71240634.  Extremely rare!  Suit most Hunters HC, HE with fixed double acting wheel cylinders & hand brake strut (Not early HB Hunters with the floating single acting type)

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Brake MASTER Cylinder REPAIR SEALS KIT $40.00 each

  .  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Brake PEDAL PAD  $29.00 

Park Brake

  .  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Hand Brake CABLE/park brake main cable  $99.00


 . NEW Hillman Hunter Exhaust EXTRACTORS/Headers to fit standard Cast Iron head 1725cc Hunters  $399.00 AUD  Increase performance AND fuel efficiency!  4 into 1 design.    (Head Flange plate thickness is standard 10 mm like most headers, so will need tack welds or spacers added to make level with intake as usual)

NEW Hillman Hunter EXHAUST engine pipe/extractors back end FLANGE KIT $39.95 each.  Add a convenient flange where your extractors/engine pipe ends for super quick and easy removal and fitting.  (Popular for Motorsports racing where rear exhaust's flange is often bolted to the side and then simply refitted in the usual street position for full exhaust on the drive home) Includes gasket, fasteners and 2 thick, top quality Custom Laser cut flanges, to suit 1 & 3/4 inch exhaust pipe which is usually the best Sports/Hi Performance diameter pipe to use on Hunters.  Can also be used on original 1 & 1/2" dia pipes if gap is just welded up or pipe adaptor used/pipe belled up (Limited stock so be quick)

 NEW Hunter/Arrow TWIN CARB Stromberg CD150 alloy INTAKE Manifold FOR Hunter CAST IRON HEAD 1725cc 'Slant 4' Engines $395.00  

 (Never been available before for the C.I. head engines!) So we have worked with the intake experts in custom designing and producing these in Australia specifically for Cast Iron head 1725 Hillman Hunters!   
These utilise 2 x standard Hunter or GT style Stromberg CD150 side draft carbs and the GT style joiner linkage 'W' clips and spigot nut, (Complete original used GT set-ups are often available here & there) and ...
We can supply a new long custom joiner rod that's needed for the longer distance between carbs for the C.I. head engine too compared to the GT.  OR soon we will have a BRAND NEW MATCHING BALL BEARING COMPLETE LINKAGE KIT AVAILABLE TO SUIT the latest version of these MANIFOLDS . 
(We also have new manifold gaskets and Stromberg gasket and seal kits available)  



  NEW Hillman Hunter TWIN 40 DCOE WEBER CARB alloy INTAKE Manifold FOR ALLOY HEAD GT/660 Royal, Hustler 1725cc Engines $395.00

(Most other HIGH PERFORMANCE INTAKE MANIFOLDS are now available new from us too as we are the agent for all of these top classic car intake manifolds) 

 . NEW Hillman HUNTER SPORTS AIR FILTERS specifically made for Hunter Stromberg carburettors and SU, Weber etc. (The only new air cleaners available to properly fit these CD150 carbs!)

 NEW Ramflo free breathing Hi-Performance / Race AIR CLEANERS for Hillman Hunter Stromberg, SU, Weber and Dellorto carbs etc


USED Hillman Hunter 1725cc FUEL PUMP  $39.00 

 . NEW Hillman Hunter 1725cc FUEL PUMP KIT  $59.00 (For original type Hunter Pumps)

  . NEW Hillman Hunter 1725cc FUEL PUMP $99.00   Fully serviceable aftermarket units with kits available.  (Brand new fresh European made product, high quality!) 

NEW Hillman Hunter 1725cc FUEL PUMP KIT  $49.00 (To suit our NEW Pumps above only)

  . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter FUEL Gauge Petrol TANK SENDER UNITS  $139.00

All HB, HC, HE SEDAN/Saloons  (GT/660 dash warning light type not available these days)

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter FUEL Gauge Petrol TANK SENDER UNITS  $149.00

All HB, HC, HE Safari Station WAGONS / Estates  (Extremely Rare!)  Includes connection for low fuel warning light as used on GT dashes.

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Cast Iron Head style 1725cc MANIFOLD GASKETS  $29.00 each 
  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter GT, Hustler, 660, Sunbeam Rapier, Sumbeam Alpine, Humber Sceptre Alloy Head 1725cc MANIFOLD GASKET  $29.00 each 

 NEW Hillman Hunter Stromberg CD150 Carby overhaul Kits $64.00 per kit.  Includes Gaskets, Seals, Needle and Seat.  (Twin carb cars including GT, Royal 660 and Hustler require two kits) 


  .  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter THROTTLE/Accelerator CABLE  $79.00

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter THROTTLE/Accelerator PEDAL  $69.00

(Same look but Last version/Stronger 1 piece design)

  .  NOS Hillman HUNTER GT CHOKE CABLE dual control assembly $145.00  (Extremely rare!)

  Genuine Chrysler, NEW Old Stock, SUITS TWIN side draft CARBS including GT, Royal 660 and  Hustler (Dual side-draft Zenith/Solex STROMBERG CD150 carbs etc) PN 71243862 Supersede PN 71247170


  New/NOS Hillman Hunter  FRONT rubber ENGINE MOUNTS / ’ insulators’ $39.00 each 


   NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter rubber TRANSMISSION MOUNT / 'Rear engine support mount' $49.00 


NEW (NOS genuine) Hillman Hunter rear engine/Transmission Rubber SUPPORT INSULATORS-CROSSMEMBER TO FRAME, WITH COLLARS  $135.00 per Car SET (Each 8 piece SET includes 4 male Insulators with inclusive steel sleeve & 4 matching female collars) 

. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow OIL Pressure SENDER switch $45.00

. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow OIL Pressure RELIEF VALVE $49.00 each

. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow high quality OIL FILTER $20.00

. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow SUMP PLUG $29.00

. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow Sump Plug WASHER $6.00


 . Freshly Reground CAMSHAFT to suit Cast IRON HEAD Hillman Minx etc Rootes 1496cc  "1500" engine $195.00  (1 only) 

    .  Hillman Hunter 1725 GT SPEC CAMSHAFT to suit Cast IRON HEAD engine.  

Fresh Hunter GT duration specs Regrind specially applied to C.I. head cam by old school classic Hunter cam expert, to suit the Cast Iron head 1725 engine which has different valve  positions/configuration to the original alloy head GT 1725 engines.  $299.00 Outright + $59.00 core charge  (Last one!)

Your old undamaged original cam is usually required as an exchange.   (Core deposit is refundable upon us receiving your original C.I. head 1725 Hunter cam in good usable/regrindable condition)

 .  NEW Hillman Hunter Hi-Performance engine VALVES SET $219.00 for Cast IRON HEAD 1725 'larger GT SPEC' Set of 8 (4 Exhaust and 4 Intake)    (You will need to have your head machined to fit these larger valves) So while you are at it, get your head modified to suit Unleaded fuel as they would usually machine that area anyway to fit hardened seats.

.  NEW Hillman Hunter Cast IRON HEAD 1725 engine VALVE SPRINGS SET $159.00 Set of 8  

 .  NEW Hillman Hunter ALLOY HEAD 1725 GT engine VALVES SET (4 Exhaust and 4 Intake)  $219.00 Set of 8  

.  NEW Hillman Hunter ALLOY HEAD 1725 GT (Single) engine VALVES SPRINGS SET $159.00 Set of 8  

.  NEW Hillman Hunter ALLOY HEAD 1725 GLS (DUAL for Hi Performance/Racing use only) engine VALVES SPRINGS SET $199.00 Set of 8    Note: Spring types do not interchange between Iron Head and Alloy head engines. 

 .  NEW Hillman Hunter 1725 solid Valve LIFTERS / Valve tappets / CAM FOLLOWERS  SET $199.00 Set of 8    (Fits ALLOY Head and IRON head engines)  

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 PUSH RODS SET $149.00 Set of 8  (Fits ALLOY Head and IRON head engines)

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter VRS suit Cast IRON HEAD type 1725cc Valve Regrind Set/TOP END GASKET/SEAL SET/kit including Head Gasket $75.00 each  

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Cast IRON Head type 1725cc Conversion / BOTTOM END GASKET SET $79.00 each.  

 . NOS Hillman Hunter Cast IRON Head type 1725cc HEAD GASKET only.  $39.00 each 

NEW Hillman Hunter GT, 660, Hustler VRS suit ALLOY Head type 1725.  Valve Regrind Set /TOP END GASKET/SEAL SET kit including Head Gasket $65.00 each.  

NOS Hillman Hunter GT, 660, Hustler ALLOY Head type 1725cc Conversion / BOTTOM END GASKET SET $75.00 each.   

.  NEW 'aftermarket' Hillman Hunter 1725 (1.7 litre) Double Row TIMING CHAINS  $34.95 each 

1725 cc, 1600 cc, 1500 cc engines

HILLMAN- Hunter, Minx, Super Minx, Husky 1955-1977 Double Row Timing chains

HUMBER- Sceptre 1962-1976 Double Row Timing chains

SINGER- Gazelle, Vogue 1959-1970 Double Row Timing chains

SUMBEAM- Alpine, Rapier 1956-1976 Double Row Timing chains

Chrysler Hunter 1977-1979 Double Row Timing chains


.  NOS genuine Chrysler/Rootes 1725 Hunter timing chain TENSIONER with BLADE $49.95 each.     The top quality, British made originals!  Limited stock.      Warning... steer clear of the only other available option from overseas (the nasty new cheaply made copies) We tested one and it failed almost instantly and badly, so we refuse to sell them!

NEW Hillman Hunter 1725 OIL PUMP $159.00 each 

NEW Hillman Hunter 1725 PISTON SET $539.00  Alloy Head GT 'High Compression' type etc. 020, 030 and .040 sizes available (Includes Rings and Pins)

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 PISTON SET.  Low Compression, STD size only.  $389.00 

Suit Standard factory bore 1725cc Chrysler/Rootes/Hillman  Low Compression IRON Head Engine  Part Number 75121872 (Includes Set of 4 Pistons fitted with Rings, Gudgeon Pins and Circlips)

81.540 mm Diameter.  Recently removed from the very last of the NOS NEW/unused/perfect condition genuine 1725 Engines ever produced! (1980's) Hillman Hunter, Hillman Minx & Gazelle, Sunbeam Alpine Series II to V, Alpine Fastback,  Humber Sceptre.  


NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 Piston RINGS SET from $135.00 
Sizes available: 
STD, 020, 030, 040, 060

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 Big End/CONROD BEARINGS from $99.00  

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 MAIN Crank BEARINGS from $119.00


​​​​​​​. NEW Hillman Hunter / Arrow 1725 Crankshaft THRUST WASHER SET $49.00


NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 Connecting RODS SET from $449.00

 4 x Chrysler/Rootes/Hillman 1725cc Con Rods. Hillman Hunter, Arrow, Sunbeam Alpine V, Alpine Fastback, Hillman Minx Singer Gazelle Humber Scepter III, Commer PB Van. ('Little End' Bushes included as pictured)


   . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter 1725 Little End Con Rod BUSH SET $49.00 

(As pictured in the Con Rods pic above)

.  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter ROCKER SHAFT SET ALLOY Head 1725 engine $269.00  Includes Front Shaft & Rear Shaft.  Suit: GT, 660, Hustler (Very hard to get now)

.  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter ROCKER SHAFT SET.  IRON Head 1725 engine $169.00 Includes Front Shaft & Rear Shaft.  Suit: Arrow, Hunter, Royal, Safari Wagon/Estate (Hard to get now)

.  NEW Hillman ROLLER ROCKERS (Roller Tipped rocker arms SET) Suit most Rootes /Hillman/HUNTER 1725 ALLOY HEAD Engines from $599.00 AUD  (Suit most GT, 660, Hustler)
Due to varying exchange rates we will confirm current price on enquiry

                       (Head not included of course)

- 2024-T3511 high-quality aluminium extrusions


- Fits over stock rocker shaft- Available in 1.4 (standard), 1.5 and 1.6 ratios. Other ratios available on request - additional fees may apply.  - Please specify what ratio you want when purchasing. 


 If you would like new adjusting screws and locknuts with your Rocker arm order, please add $115.00 AUD onto your total.

-We also have performance valve springs, valves, retainers and locks available if

 Original/stock rocker arms are not being reproduced and NOS rockers are no longer available. These rockers will replace original stock rockers perfectly - no need for any additional parts or modifications. However, they are suitable for any form of performance modification. Can handle extreme engine power/performance modifications.

- Precision ground roller tip reduces friction and valve guide/valve tip wear
- Provides improved strength, performance and lighter weight over stock rocker arm 

- 2024-T3511 high-quality aluminium extrusions are precision machined to ensure a perfect fit 

- Bronze Oilite shaft bearing


Normal turn around time is approximately 4-5 weeks for Australian deliveries.

- This is a brand new, never before offered system for the Rootes/Sunbeam 1725 cc Alloy Head motor and is ideal for any form of modified engine – from near-stock to full race - including turbo, nitrous and supercharged applications

- Developed by a top racing/performance parts manufacturer and all components manufactured in the USA to top race-quality standards

- Works with most Sunbeam/Hillman Rootes Brand/type 4-cylinder ALLOY HEAD engines from 1955 - 1973.  (1390 cc, 1494 cc, 1592 cc and the 1725 cc engines)

-  Sunbeam Alpine, Rapier, Harrington, Hillman, Minx, Humber, Singer

  (Installation of these components should only be performed by a qualified, experienced engine re-builder

PLEASE NOTE: We have these rockers made to order in the USA and up to date prices will need to be checked. 


NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter BOOT /RUBBER Gaiter for Gear Stick/Lever shifter $49.00 

. Used/working/cleaned Hillman Hunter 4 speed, full-synchro MANUAL TRANSMISSION/Gearbox  $695.00

NEW Hillman Hunter Manual transmission/gearbox oil GASKET for front cover pinion/ bearing retainer $24.50 each

. NEW Hillman Hunter Manual transmission/gearbox oil SEAL for front cover pinion bearing  $29.00 each

NEW Hillman Hunter Manual transmission/gearbox oil GASKET for rear Extension Housing to Case on Hillman Hunter Manual 4 speed Transmission/Gearbox $29.50 each 

  . NOS oil SEAL for rear extension housing/main shaft on standard Hillman Hunter Manual 4 speed Transmission/Gearbox $27.00 each (Will not fit overdrive)  Highest quality, Genuine Chrysler /Mopar NEW Obsolete Stock 

NEW rear extension housing/main shaft oil SEAL for Hillman Hunter Laycock de Normanville OVERDRIVE Manual '5-6 speed' Transmission/Gearbox $29.95 each

.  NEW Laycock J type Overdrive Gasket and seal kits

.  NEW Laycock D type Overdrive Gasket and seal kits

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter R/H drive SPEEDOMETER CABLE $79.00

(For switches etc see the 'Electrical' section on this page)

CLUTCH /Flywheel

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Cline line/ flexible Nylon PIPE  $59.00

 . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch MASTER CYLINDER $229.00 each

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch MASTER Cylinder REPAIR SEALS KIT $38.00 each

         . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch SLAVE CYLINDER $159.00 each

 . NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch Slave Cylinder REPAIR SEALS KIT $39.00 each

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch PLATE $85.00 outright (Standard Hunter 7.5 inch diameter) 

. NEW Hillman Hunter CLUTCH KIT  $595.00 + $90.00 deposit, refundable on us receiving  your old pressure/Cover Plate in reasonable / rebuildable condition) 
Includes NEW Carbon throw out/release bearing, new Clutch Plate and remanufactured Pressure/cover Plate. (Standard Hunter 7.5 inch diameter) 

Note:  ALL old stock on has finally dried up from all suppliers everywhere!  We now need to supply the Pressure/Cover plates on an exchange basis only.  However we still have some NEW/NOS clutch plates and NEW release/throw-out thrust carbon bearings available at this stage though.

. NEW Hillman Hunter GLS/Sunbeam Rapier H120/ PB Commer Van CLUTCH KIT  $599.00 outright
Includes all NEW ROLLER Bearing throw out/release bearing, all NEW Clutch Plate and all NEW Pressure/cover Plate. (This is the rare Larger diameter Hillman/Rootes Heavy Duty/Race spec/Commercial 8.5 inch diameter clutch which will only suit the matching large diameter flywheel. 
(Limited Number available due to rarity these days)  

   . NEW Hillman Hunter CARBON Clutch throw out / release/thrust BEARING  $79.00

(For Standard Hunter 7.5 inch diameter clutch) 

. NEW Hillman Hunter GLS/ Sunbeam Rapier H120/ PA, PB Commer Van CARBON Clutch throw out/ release/thrust BEARING $95.00
(Only suitable for the rare Larger Hillman/Rootes Heavy Duty/Race spec/Commercial size 8.5 inch diameter clutch with the large diameter flywheel) 

 . NEW Hillman Hunter CLUTCH throw out / release/thrust ROLLER BEARING CONVERSION $249.00 Completely Brand NEW.  These are custom made in the UK in small batches specifically for Hunters.  (Fits into the standard release bearing fork to replace the original carbon bearing)  Suits standard 7.5 inch diameter Hunter clutch.  (Please inquire first as this particular part is not always available)


 NEW Premium Heavy Duty/Race spec Hillman Hunter GLS/ Sunbeam Rapier H120/ PB Commer Van CLUTCH throw out/ release/thrust ROLLER BEARING ASSEMBLY $124.00  Complete with fastening springs (Only suitable for the rarer Larger Hillman/Rootes Heavy Duty/Race spec/Commercial size 8.5 inch diameter clutch with the large diameter flywheel) 

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter STANDARD FLYWHEEL with starter Ring Gear $495.00 
RARE!  'NEW' Genuine Old Stock! 75221811 (Suit Standard Hunter 7.5 inch diameter clutch)
No expensive & awkward re-machining of your old worn down flywheel, Ring Gear replacement etc.
But a NEW full thickness /original factory spec unit that will last! 

. NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Holbay GLS/ Sunbeam Rapier H120 FLYWHEEL with starter Ring Gear $549.00 
RARE!  'NEW' Genuine Old Stock!  75221812, 1214622 (Only suits the rarer Hillman/Rootes Heavy Duty/Race spec/ Larger Commercial size 8.5 inch diameter clutch
No expensive & awkward re-machining of your old worn down flywheel, Ring Gear replacement etc.  But a NEW full thickness /original factory spec unit that will last! 

 . NEW Hillman Hunter CLUTCH HOUSING fork lever GROMMET!  $45.00 

 . NEW Hillman Hunter Hillman Hunter GLS / Sunbeam Rapier H120 CLUTCH FORK LEVER $159.00  Electroplated.  (Only suitable for the rarer Larger diameter Hillman/Rootes Heavy Duty/Race spec/Commercial size 8.5 inch diameter clutch with the large flywheel)   

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Clutch PEDAL PAD  $29.00 

. NEW Hillman Hunter MANUAL transmission 'stemwheel' brass SPIGOT BUSHES for end of crankshaft  $29.50

 .  NEW/NOS 1725 Hillman Hunter /Arrow STARTER RING GEAR for manual Flywheels & Automatic Trans Torque Converters $139.00


. NEW HE Hillman Hunter HEATER TAP/Valve $139.00  Fits H.E. ONLY with Aussie style Smiths Heater. (Late 1970 to 1973) These are custom assembled specifically for Hunters and are not available anywhere else.

. NEW HE Hunter HEATER Valve/TAP HOSE KIT $59.00  Consisting of the 3 small hoses located just inside firewall under dash including the special moulded/angled Hose. Only suits the Aussie type heater, specific to the last Australian H.E. model only. (Late 1970 to 1973) These are custom made in Australia specifically for HE Hunters and are only available exclusively from us.

. NEW HE Hillman Hunter HEATER BY-PASS Firewall Fitting  $129.00

Fits Australian HE 1970-1973 models ONLY.  

Does not suit earlier Hunters with original UK style one piece heater tap/hose fittings

CNC BILLET ALUMINIUM machined to original dimensions

Replace your corroded heater fitting with brand new metal!

Integrated bypass, just like the original, so water can always circulate and not cause overheating.

Accepts original heater hoses and mounting screws

. NEW/NOS HB, HC Hillman Hunter HEATER TAP/Valve. $175.00  Original early Smiths genuine high quality type. (Extremely hard to get now so not always available) Will NOT fit the last Aussie HE model, see above for that one.

. NEW HB, HC Hillman Hunter Heater Tap/Valve O RING. $4.00 each  Suits original early Smiths type heater tap as fitted to HB and HC. (NOT Aussie H.E. model)

. NEW HB, HC Hunter HEATER Valve/TAP HOSE $39.00 The small hose located just inside firewall under dash. Specially moulded/angled Hose for the original early Smiths type heater, as factory fitted to the H.B. and H.C. model only. (1967 to early 1970)

. NEW Hillman Hunter Cast IRON HEAD 1725cc type HEATER to Thermostat HOSE $44.00 each (Highest quality proper moulded type)

. NEW Hillman Hunter Cast IRON HEAD 1725cc type HEATER to Water Pump HOSE $39.00 each (Highest quality proper moulded type)

. NEW Hillman Hunter GT, 660, Hustler ALLOY HEAD 1725cc 3 piece HEATER HOSE KIT $112.00 each Includes the engine bay hoses: Heater to Intake Manifold hose, Intake manifold to Water pump hose and Heater to Thermostat hose. These are produced exclusively for us in highest quality rubber heater hose, to keep the Hunter ALLOY HEAD 1725 'GT' spec engines going properly, as these are not available elsewhere nowadays. (Also fits the alloy head 1725 Sunbeam Rapier etc with the twin side draft CD150 Stromberg carb engines with coolant flow through manifolds the same as the Hunter GT )

. NEW Hillman Hunter GT, 660, Hustler ALLOY HEAD 1725cc type Heater to Intake Manifold rear HOSE $43.00 each  (Highest quality proper moulded type, hard to get now)

. NEW Hillman Hunter GT, 660, Hustler ALLOY HEAD 1725cc type Water Pump to Intake Manifold front HOSE $25.00 each (Highest quality proper moulded type)

. NEW HB/HC/HE Hillman Hunter RADIATOR Coolant HOSE Inlet (UPPER) $34.00 each High Quality proper moulded type

. NEW HB/HC/HE Hillman Hunter RADIATOR Coolant HOSE Outlet (LOWER) $34.00 each High Quality proper moulded type

. NEW top quality Hillman Hunter WATER PUMP (Includes gasket) $79.00

. NEW Hillman Hunter /Arrow Water Pump to housing GASKET $10.00 each

. NEW Hillman Hunter /Arrow FAN BELT  $27.00  (Highest quality)

. NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow Water Pump Body Cover / IMPELLER HOUSING PN: 1235958 $199.00

You won't find these elsewhere!) Extremely Rare! Very limited low stock and no more available once sold out. These days 99% of the 1725 engines have badly corroded housings that could fail badly at any time. Have you checked yours underneath your Water Pump? (Likely you will get a nasty surprise like the rest of us did when checked) Especially when you remove your original impeller housing itself and check the rear where it bolts to the engine block! THIS WAS THE LAST SMALL BATCH OF STOCK LEFT THAT COULD BE FOUND ANYWHERE WORLD-WIDE and was a great find. Grab one now, before they are all gone forever!

 . NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow GASKET for Water Pump Body Cover /Impeller Housing to block $9.00 each

. NEW Hillman Hunter cooling THERMOSTAT  $29.00   Temp 82บ C  (Suit 1725 engines etc)

. NEW Hillman Hunter cooling Thermostat HOUSING (Cap/Top) $59.00  Includes Gasket

. NEW Hillman Hunter cooling Thermostat Housing BASE $175.00

. NEW Hillman Hunter RADIATOR CAP 13 psi ~ NON-Recovery type $25.00 (As original)
Note: In warmer climates like Australia, Hunters use 13-14 PSI caps, unlike the UK etc.

. NEW Hillman Hunter RADIATOR CAP 14 psi ~ RECOVERY TYPE $25.00 
(Recommended modification, Use with reservoir)



 .  NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow/Safari Moulded FRONT QUARTER VENT/Wing SEALS!  $179.00 per SET/pair   (Suit all Pivoting front Wing 1/4 glass Hunters including HB-HC) 

Finally!... NEW 1/4 wing RUBBERS for the 'Arrow' based cars.  (Only for the original/most common Hunter PIVOTING / OPENING Glass models at this stage, which includes Australian HB-HC Hunters and HB Arrows.  Also international Hillman Minx, Humber Sceptre, Singer Gazelle, Singer Vogue, Sunbeam Vogue and Sunbeam Arrow (Later Aussie 'HE' Hunter's had fixed glass fitted from the factory originally)

A LIMITED BATCH OF THESE PREMIUM QUALITY MOULDED SEALS ARE CURRENTLY now in the process of BEING PRODUCED.  So Pre-pay for yours now to avoid missing out!

(International Hillman, Sunbeam, Rootes, Humber Club orders etc welcome!) UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc

. NEW (NOS) genuine Chrome HC-HE Hillman Hunter GRILL CENTRE BADGE $22.00 Nice!

. NEW (NOS) genuine chrome Hillman Hunter EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLE ASSEMBLIES $88.00 each

. NEW (NOS) genuine chrome Hillman Hunter INTERIOR DOOR HANDLE ASSEMBLIES $45.00 each (RH and LH available)

.  NEW/NOS Genuine late HC, all HE Hillman Hunter SAFARI/Estate Wagon TAILGATE/hatch Locking HANDLE ASSEMBLY "T" type with Barrel & KEYS.  PN 72248091 $65.00 each


.  NEW/NOS Genuine late HC, all HE Hillman Hunter SAFARI/Estate Wagon STRIKER PN 2248090 for Tailgate Lock.  ​​​​​​ $35.00 each   (To match above TAILGATE/hatch Locking HANDLE ASSEMBLY "T" type)  


.  NEW/NOS Genuine Hillman Hunter Door Lock BARREL and KEYS  $99.00 the Pair/Set 

 . NOS genuine Hillman Hunter/Arrow strip DASH FASCIA for instrument cluster panel $139.00 

The one area on a classic car that will still always look rough, old and ugly without this new genuine plastic chrome plated item.  The important finishing touch to your classic restoration.  The chrome will look fantastic!  And no more cracks and broken mounting points for fixing to dash or your switches etc with this original NEW genuine one.  Last stock of these we could find anywhere in Australia now so don't miss out!  

(A couple of  'seconds' are also available with small defects too, for just $79.00 each which may suit some buyers)


.  NEW (NOS) genuine Chrysler Australia / Hillman HUNTER DOOR TRIM CARDS SETS $199.00 per set of 4.  In either the nice Neutral or the Red: (Dark Red/'Burgundy') colour.  (Black sets are $299.00)

WOW! How rare an opportunity is this! We have a small limited number of these available in factory Neutral, Red and Black with the chunky grain section. WILL FIT ALL HUNTERS.
Some Red HE Hustler style ones available too and red HC ones. However most are the 'all model' last genuine sets ever released, like this nice "Neutral" coloured one pictured, that have some of the same gorgeous genuine chunky 'buffalo grain' premium vinyl material as the 'top of the line' classy sports/luxury Hunter Royal 660 'GT' & Chrysler V.I.P. and Valiant 770 Regal top interior trim had.

(Replace those damaged tatty old faded/degraded ones with 'sexy' Genuine NOS!) Limited stock.

(Pick-up from Central Coast NSW) Or we can freight Australia-Wide to your door.
Or can drop off at Erina NSW Pack & Send store if you arrange from your end.

NEW Hillman HUNTER SEDAN: BODY RUBBER / SEALS KIT  $905.00  Suit HB, HC, HE (1966-1974)  


# 1 x FRONT glass WINDSCREEN / Windshield SEAL

# 1 x REAR glass WINDSCREEN / Windshield SEAL

# 1 x FRONT MYLAR lock STRIP insert (Chrome) for Front Windscreen/Windshield 

# 1 x REAR MYLAR lock STRIP insert (Chrome) for Rear Windscreen/Windshield 

# 2 x WINDSCREEN SEALANT large cartridges for complete sealing. (Correct Mastic formula as specifically required for these classic cars)

# 4 x DOOR main body aperture SEALS (SET)

# 8 x DOOR BELT WEATHER-STRIPS  (SET with 4 x Outer weather seals & 4 x Inner anti-rattle felt seals)  Correct highest quality original styles, exclusive to us!

# 1 x BOOT/trunk SEAL

    Individual BODY Rubbers / Seals ...


 NEW Hillman Hunter REAR WINDSCREEN/WINDSHIELD RUBBER SEAL $139.00 each   *SEDAN ONLY* (Sorry no Estate/Wagon REARS available)


 NEW Hillman Hunter FRONT MYLAR lock STRIP insert (Chrome) for SEDAN AND Safari WAGON Front Windscreen/Windshield $39.00

.  NEW Hillman Hunter SEDAN REAR MYLAR lock STRIP insert (Chrome) for Rear Windscreen/Windshield  $39.00

.  NEW Hillman Hunter Safari station WAGON REAR MYLAR lock STRIP insert (Chrome) for Rear tailgate glass Windscreen/Windshield  $39.00

. NEW WINDSCREEN SEALANT $19.50 each.  Large high quality Black Mastic cartridge Specifically to suit Classic Hillman Hunters (2 per car recommended for a proper weather tight seal)

 NEW Hillman Hunter SEDAN replacement DOOR SEALS SET $219.00 for all four doors.

 These are the large main door rubber pinch seals that fit around the body door apertures.  These door seal sets are custom made specifically for Hunters.  Black only, and no annoying & dangerous stringy material strands to come off anymore!  

 NEW Hillman Hunter SAFARI station WAGON replacement DOOR SEALS SET.  These are the large main door rubber pinch seals that fit around the body door apertures.  These door seal sets are custom made specifically for Hunter Safari WAGONS  $219.00 THE SET for all four doors.

 .  NEW Hillman Hunter Sedan & Wagon WEATHERSTRIP WINDOW 'DOOR  BELT' SEALS SET  $264.00  Sedan & Estate/Wagon  (Includes 4 x Outer Side WINDOW SEALS and 4 x Inner felt/anti rattle strips, (8 pieces)  These correct style seals aren't even available in the UK or elsewhere for Hunters! We have had these sets custom made for us from original factory specifications & specifically for Hunters!

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter Sedan replacement BOOT /Trunk SEAL rubber $69.00 each

 .  NEW Hillman Hunter Interior VENETIAN BLIND / Auto Shades/Louvre in original type steel $325.00 

(For New Ignition Switch, Barrel & Keys see Electrical section of this list)


NEW / NOS Hillman Hunter Steering Drag Link/Track Rod (Incorporates joints for the idler and pitman ends. $295.00 AUD.  + $25.00 Post with tracking Australia-Wide. 

NEW Hillman Hunter New/NOS Steering support IDLER bracket with spindle and bearing  $95.00   (Very rare now)



NEW Hillman Hunter New/NOS Tie rod ends (RH or LH thread) $49.00 each 



NEW Hillman Hunter ball joints $85.00 each  (Quite rare now)

NEW Hillman Hunter Premium Hillman Hunter Wheel Bearings Kit $219.00

For all 4 wheels.  Includes Bearings, Seals and Split Pins


  .  NEW Hillman Hunter ~ FRONT STRUT INSERTS for Steering Knuckle/Struts $295.00 per Pair/Set
 Now finally available here only!  These are the better 'heavy duty/sports' version which were a little firmer than the standard model Hunters & all Australian Hunter originals for improved handling (Extremely hard to get anywhere!)   

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter rubber BOOT / Gaiter for  Front Strut $54.00 Pair or $28.00 each

NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter ~ FRONT Steering Knuckle/Strut TOP INSULATOR/MOUNTING Upper with BEARING $295.00 per Pair/Set    1. 1 /2 " Diameter Spigot, but replaces all models.  (Note from Original Hunter factory Parts list: INSULATOR - Steering Knuckle Mounting Upper - with 2" Diameter Spigot ..... Not Serviced.  Use replacement 1.5"  type)

  .  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Sedan REAR SHOCK ABSORBER/Damper SET $189.00 (RH & LH sides)

  NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter SAFARI WAGON / Estate REAR SHOCK ABSORBER/Damper SET $189.00  (RH & LH sides)


 . 1 x NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Crown Wheel & pinion 3.89:1 ratio $369.00

 . 1 x NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Crown Wheel & pinion 4.22:1 UK ratio $299.00

 . 1 x NEW Hillman Hunter Diff/Crown Wheel bearing $59.00

1 x NEW/NOS Hillman Hunter Diff Wheel and Pinion Set $199.00

 . 1 x NEW Hillman Hunter Diff pinion Oil Seal $35.00


 . NEW Hillman HUNTER/Arrow INDICATOR/Column Multi SWITCH Stalk  $159.00   

This NEW replacement switch includes side turn signal indicators/blinkers, horn button, headlamp/headlight high beam dipper and headlight flasher functions like the original units.  Exclusive to us and assembled specifically for classic 1966-1973 HB, HC and HE Hillman Hunters to fit straight in!  Other extremely rare and expensive NOS Lucas switches stock has dried up now, and have a habit of quickly cracking due to age nowadays anyway rendering them useless, so this freshly produced brand new replacement part is vital to keep our Hunters on the road now.  

 Not available NEW anywhere else in the world for our Hunters!  Limited stock so be quick.

Hint: Always fit high amp Relays like modern cars have standard now, to get the maximum durability out of headlight switches etc.


. NEW(NOS) Hillman Hunter/Arrow Genuine roof INTERIOR courtesy LIGHT/Lamp Assembly $59.00

NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow Replacement roof INTERIOR courtesy LIGHT/Lamp Assembly $55.00  (Conventional style switch on side)

 . NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow replacement INTERIOR courtesy light DOOR jamb SWITCHES $19.00 each  (Includes adapter)   


 . NEW Hillman Hunter Dash Instruments VOLTAGE STABILISER /Regulator $69.00 each. 

For Temperature and Fuel Gauge accuracy.  To suit standard Hunter, Royal, Hustler & Arrow instrument clusters with the plastic fascia, like our NOS ones listed here. (Extremely rare) 

.  NEW Hillman Hunter HE HALOGEN 7 INCH RECTANGULAR conversion HEADLIGHTS  / Headlamps SET/pair  $159.00  These are just over 7" long, will accept park light globes if desired, (modification is required for park lights upgrade) and suit later model Hunters ONLY (Post Mk 2) with the 2 'single' smaller rectangular headlights. Including the Australian Chrysler Hunter H.E. model pictured below (Mid 1970 to 1973 and the last Hunter produced in Australia) NOT HC / Mk 2.  (All of these rectangular Hunter headlamps are very rare and not always available so check with us)

.  NOS HC Hillman Hunter Large Rectangular HEADLIGHT / Headlamp $144.00 each. Rare Genuine LUCAS/Chrysler/Hillman (1969 to mid 1970) Will NOT fit the later models like the Australian HE above that had smaller rectangular headlights.

.  NEW HB  Hillman Hunter large 7 inch ROUND H4 Quartz Halogen conversion headlight/headlamp set  $159.00  (These lights accept park light globes too)

 HE Hillman Hunter FRONT TURN SIGNAL/PARK LENS (CLEAR/Opaque) $39.95 each side Original Indicator/flasher/blinker Lenses.  Genuine,  Very good condition for age. ("Australianised" H.E. models ONLY.  Mid 1970 to 1973) 

 . NEW HE 1970-1973 Hillman Hunter 'SAFETY CONVERSION' FRONT TURN SIGNAL/PARK LENS (Amber/ORANGE) $39.95 each side.   Indicator/flasher/blinker Lenses ("Australianised" H.E. models ONLY.  Mid 1970 to 1973) Use updated/modern style replacement headlights like H4's etc with parker globes and then you can use these Amber ones as indicators only.  (Stop other drivers these days dangerously pulling out on you not realising your indicator was on!!)

NEW(NOS) HB-HC 1967-1970 Hillman Hunter/Arrow Genuine FRONT INDICATOR/ TURN SIGNAL ASSEMBLY $89.00 each (Does not include lenses)


NEW Hillman Hunter Temperature SENDER Unit $39.99

. NEW/NOS Laycock J type OVERDRIVE SOLENOID $219.00 (Extremely RARE for the J type!)


. NEW Hillman Hunter OVERDRIVE lock-out transmission SWITCH $59.95

. NEW Hillman Hunter COLUMN mounted

 Brand NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow  HI-AMPS Upgrade Ultra Torque LUCAS ALTERNATOR  $249.00  

  This is the BEST, highest GENUINE QUALITY LUCAS version available for Hunters and produces up to 75 amps.  These direct replacement alternators have a modern built-in Regulator like the last 1973 Aussie HE model Hunters etc.  We just plug in our 1 large, and 1 small spade connectors as per our late HE's.  Supplied as a replacement to the Lucas original 15AC Alternator which only produced 28 amps and the old Generators which were worse still!  These produce up to 75 AMPS to better match today's halogen headlamps, hi powered car stereos and other accessories demands.

(We only sell the Lucas Genuine Quality version now for constant high output potential and best reliability/durability)



.  USED HC to HE 1970-1972 Hillman Hunter ALTERNATOR $99.00 
Genuine Lucas original / decent working condition (Most are the early type that work with the External Regulator)

.  USED HB, early HC Hillman Hunter/Arrow GENERATOR $75.00 
enuine Lucas original in Very good working condition.

.  Brand NEW Hillman Hunter Lucas type replacement Inertia Starter motors, as original  $249.00     

            MJ35, M35G 25092D etc.

 USED, Lucas Hillman Hunter/Arrow Starter Motor $39.00 (Still basically working but most are lazy now, however this is extremely cheap even for spare parts!)

  .  NEW/NOS 1725 Hillman Hunter /Arrow Starter RING GEAR $139.00
 (Don't overlook renewing this part, as your old worn one will chew out your starter motor gear!) 

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter 1725cc PRE-engaged/HIGH TORQUE/Gear Reduction STARTER MOTOR $395.00   1.2 Horsepower!  Angle adjustable!  Top brand modern starter, fully factory Re-manufactured as New, and custom machined and assembled specifically for Hunter engines for us in the USA.  One of  THE best upgrades you can do!  Not available elsewhere for Hunters.   Cranks your motor over faster and much more reliably and takes 1/2 the amps to do it and weighs less than your old Lucas Starter. 

Fits the Cast Iron head Hunter 1725 with original factory exhaust engine pipe or with our Extractors listed here, and also fits the Alloy head Twin carb GT type 1725 engines as originally fitted to Aussie 660 Royal, GT, and Hustler when fitted with the standard factory headers.  Absolutely the ULTIMATE Hunter Starter Motor available anywhere in the world!

If you have any other aftermarket extractors you may have fitted, you may need to have some of the pipes re-routed around this starter as these great starters weren't available for Hunters in the past to consider, when Hunter extractors were originally designed.

  . NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow Lucas IGNITION SWITCH assembly with matching Keys & Barrel  $99.00

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow Lucas Starter solenoid $59.00 

  .  Used Hillman Hunter/Arrow Lucas Starter solenoid $29.00

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow manual transmission REVERSE LIGHT SWITCH $59.95

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter AUTOMATIC Borg Warner 35 Transmission INHIBITOR/Reverse Light/lamp SWITCH $99.00


.  NEW Hillman Hunter/Arrow Lucas Dash toggle switches etc $59.00  

 .  NEW  Hillman Hunter CORRECT Brake/Stop light SWITCH $54.00 Genuine 'Lucas' with very rare CORRECT THREAD for Hunters!  (Don't be stung like we were originally by other less reputable sellers with the wrong ones that they claim will fit and then won't accept returns because 'they know best' even though they don't even own or work on Hunters!)

  .  NEW Hillman Hunter HC and HE model BATTERY HOLD-DOWN CLAMP assembly $29.00

 . SplitFire 2 and 5/8" diameter Sports Tachometer perfect for Hillman Hunters! $114.00 (Mount on top of Hunter dash, under dash, or on steering column or console) 

SplitFire 2 and 1/16" diameter Electric Oil Pressure Gauge to suit Hillman Hunter  $79.00  (Very important for proper engine monitoring in Hunters!)

 . Highest quality METAL gauge cups and 1 , 2 or 3 hole mounting panels available made specifically to suit these SplitFire gauges.  



We are the Australian agent for: THE BEST New Hillman Hunter Ignition parts!

(WE only stock the very best HEI version as they are the superior product)

. NEW HEI Hillman Hunter 1725 ELECTRONIC IGNITION complete SYSTEM  $349.00 for the entire set-up
('High Energy' Sports/MAXIMUM street PERFORMANCE/Race)  

Based on the best/last version of the Lucas style Hunter Distributors.  (Different than the Aussie Hunter ones but fit straight in!)  One of the very best single upgrades you can perform on Hunters!       THE BEST Hunter IGNITION System AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!   This is also perfectly suitable for SUPER SMOOTH, ECONOMICAL everyday use! So why use anything less than this best HEI version!  Electronic ignition stays in perfect tune with no maintenance and no fussing with timing or contact points again!

All brand NEW System INCLUDES


-Matching HEI COIL (Very important)



- MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE TWIN CORE SplitFire USA IGNITION High Tension LEADS SET 8mm with Dual firing path (The best leads available anywhere for Hunters!)  Now with the premium USA end caps better than the ones pictured 

-SET of 4 New Hillman HUNTER premium quality Peak SPARK PLUGS by SplitFire USA. 

  Note:  (This system will match even better when combined with any other basic improvements you can make to your car such as a better breathing exhaust than standard, and twin carbs or similar etc)

 Tip:  Always check the exact tune of your carb/carbs after fitting any improvements to avoid potential leaning out, just in case.



. Replacement /Spare 'High Energy' Black MODULE ONLY. $67.00 each

For those of you who wish to replace or keep a spare black module to hand, this is not a conversion kit but works in place of the same original half moon black module component in our High Energy Electronic Distributors listed above.  Matched for High Energy coil / low resistance (less than 1.5 ohms) GRAB A SPARE!

. New Replacement Hillman Hunter DISTRIBUTOR CAP ONLY. $29.99 each.

our New Electronic distributors above and other Lucas style contact points distributors that used this original Lucas style cap the same as pic below. Replaces Lucas DDB 108 Cap. Cross references DDB124 , 54423546 , 54427109 , 54424047 , 54425728 , 54427060

(Will NOT fit most ORIGINAL Australian Hunter distributors which were the Lucas Australia 29D4 type)


Our High Energy/Electronic Ignitions feature ...

• Improved performance

• Easier starting

• Up to 20% better fuel economy

• Much smoother running

• Our brand NEW Lucas style Distributors directly Replace Lucas 29D4 (Aussie Hunters) and 25D, 45D, and Ducellier distributors

• Easy PLUG & PLAY installation.

• Negative Ground systems.

• No adjustments

• No more contact points

• Improved durability

• Improved reliability in all weather

Uses a standard Lucas style cap and rotor arm.

Why not complete the package with our Ultimate / upgrade Rotor arm for increased durability too! (Now included standard in our Complete HEI Systems!)


. NEW Hillman Hunter 1725 replacement ELECTRONIC High Energy COIL ONLY $58.00

High Energy/ Low Resistance coil (Suitable for less than 1.5 ohms)

Direct fit, old school Hunter style, but for modern NON resistor Ignition systems.


 . NEW Hillman Hunter 1725 ELECTRONIC High Energy DISTRIBUTOR ONLY.   $229.00   Includes upgraded/ultimate red rotor button, also cap included.  Race /MAXIMUM street PERFORMANCE. (Based on the best/last version of the Lucas style Hunter Distributors.  (Different & better than the Aussie Hunter ones but fit straight in!) THE BEST Hunter DISSY AVAILABLE!  



Used, Genuine Lucas STANDARD 29D Hillman Hunter/Arrow DISTRIBUTOR  $149.00

 . NEW Genuine LUCAS Gold SPORTS COIL for Points ignition $95.00 
THE highest power coil around that is suitable for the original contact points/condenser distributors! OR also suits our Basic Electronic Ignition Kits for your existing/original Lucas 29D and 25D Distributors. (NOT suitable for our NEW HEI Distributors or HEI Systems, Use our 'High Energy' Ignition Coil above for that)


Lucas 29D parts

. New 29D Electronic Ignition module Kit WITH genuine Lucas Gold Sports COIL AND our upgrade/ultimate rotor arm $229.00  
(Fits into existing Lucas 29D distributor)  These 29D Aussie Kits are custom assembled exclusively for us with unique extra parts specifically to make them suit our Australian Lucas 29D Hunter Distributors which are different to overseas versions including the UK.   Please Note: We have not had a chance to test these 29D module upgrades ourselves yet.  (Will do as soon as we get a chance)

 . New 29D Electronic Ignition Module upgrade/conversion KIT ONLYFits into existing Lucas 29D  distributors  $139.00 AUD (Shown with upgrade red rotor) These 29D Aussie Kits are custom assembled exclusively for us with unique extra parts specifically to make them suit our Australian Lucas 29D Hunter distributors which are different to overseas versions including the UK. 

Please Note: We have not had a chance to test these 29D module upgrades ourselves yet.  Will do ASAP


Lucas 25D parts            

. New Electronic Ignition module Kit WITH genuine Lucas Gold Sports COIL AND our upgrade/Ultimate ROTOR arm $189.00 (Fits into existing Lucas 25D distributors) 

 - New Electronic Ignition Module upgrade/conversion KIT ONLY  Fits into existing Lucas 25D  distributors including some Hillman, Sunbeam Alpine etc.  $99.00 AUD   (Aussie Hunters were fitted with the different Lucas Australia 29D Distributor version)   



We are also the local agent for Premium quality USA ...

 SplitFire products

. Hillman / HUNTER 1725 SplitFire USA IGNITION HT LEADS SET.  8mm MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE TWIN CORE Dual firing path!  $68.00 per set  ($80.00 elsewhere for these Ultimate leads!)

(30 day Guaranteed to be the best performing wire set for Hunters you've ever used!)   


Hillman HUNTER Peak SPARK PLUGS by SplitFire USA $19.95 per SET of four (Best For all standard and sports/high performance 1725 Engines) Great value for very good performance and Fuel efficiency! (In stock now!)  


The famous ULTIMATE 'SPLITFIRE Maximum Performance/RACE SPARK PLUGS are available too for RACING or HIGHEST street PERFORMANCE possible!  



. New Hunter REAR anti Sway/Stabiliser bar kit $399.00 AUD


And various other Hunter parts also available! (Just enquire/ask)


We have done all of the many years of hard work, research, testing and resourcing worldwide to finally bring fellow Chrysler/Hillman Hunter owners these fantastic/best parts for your classic car, and we run most of these same parts in our own Hunters!  Which has lead us to list these for others to enjoy too as it's amazing ... the awesome difference they make!   

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(Interesting & informative Hillman Hunter Identification, Specs, Pictures, Videos etc.)

# There were 3 Australian models in the Hunter range: HB, HC and HE and actual production ran from May 1967 to late 1972.

(In March 1968 'Chrysler Australia Limited' released a news bulletin introducing the exciting new Hunter by Chrysler, and confirmed that the Australian content of the Hunters would be progressively lifted to 95. percent)

Australian content in the last model (HE) was significant, and included many bits & pieces lifted from the legendary Chrysler Valiant parts bins!  The HE was completely unique to Australia and included a redesigned flush rear panel utilising 4 lights instead of 2. 

The HE was really a 'Chrysler' Hunter rather than a 'Hillman' Hunter like it's predecessors, that had still used their Roots heritage badging for a while after Chrysler fully took over the Rootes group in 1967.  HE badging reflected this change with not a 'Hillman' badge in site.  'By Chrysler' badging was also used on some Australian Hunters.  

The Hunter Station Wagon was named the Safari.  And also the HE Hunter Royal 660 and HE Hustler were produced as downsized versions of their big brothers: The VG Regal 'sports' 770 and VG Pacer 'racer' Valiants!

# ALL Australian Hunters and Arrows were factory fitted with the larger 1725cc "slant 4" engine.

The standard models received the cast IRON Head version with Single Stromberg Side Draft Carburettor 

(Arrow, Hunter, Hunter Royal, Hunter Safari Wagon / 'Estate')

The High Performance Sports models got the Higher Horsepower ALLOY Head versions with Twin Side Draft Carbs etc

(Hunter GT,  Hunter Royal 660 and the very racy & masculine Hustler)

The Heads can NOT just be 'swapped straight over' between the two versions of the 1725 engines as the Intake and Exhaust valves are in a different configuration & use a different camshaft, rocker assembly etc to match.


 Apart from the factory included items mentioned on the pic above, our 'Bondi Bleach' White Royal 660  sports sedan also left the factory with 'Valiant VG Sports 770 style' black luxury Buffalo grain interior with high back bucket seats and nice 770/VIP grain style vinyl roof, a short floor console, VG Pacer steering wheel, Valiant style collapsible boss, and many other Valiant parts lifted straight from the CAL Valiant parts draws.  The 660s also included a stunning real polished wood dash with full sports instrumentation, 1725cc GT Hi-Performance engine with large valve Alloy head and factory twin outlet sports exhaust header system, twin Stromberg CD150 side draft carbs (similar to LC XU1 Toranas ) Power assisted front Disc brakes and the Australian made ROH version of the 'Rostyle' sports wheels.

This car now also has the optional Laycock overdrive transmission which enables a 5 or 6 speed manual that transforms it into a much smoother and quieter beast on the freeway!

An interesting point also that most people aren't aware of is that the 660's sometimes had sporty black painted lower sill sections like this car had and not just the more common grey. (I actually have an original CAL press photo of a 660 and it has the black, not the grey which confirms this)

The Hottest factory Hunters to come out were Holbay enhanced and included twin side draft 2 Barrel DCOE Webers, similar to Aussie 265 cid Hemi RT Valiant Chargers, but of course instead of a Six Pack they were a 'Four Pack' (4 Barrels) 
Click on these following videos to see them in action! 

Hillman Hunter: 'Some Go Quicker Than Others' Part-1

Hillman Hunter: 'Some Go Quicker Than Others' Part-2 (1972)


Hillman Hunter Outright Race Winner again!
2001 PDL Classic, New Zealand Group 2 Saloons, Final Race

# Other parts also available, so feel free to just Email us and ask


NEW Commer PA-PB Reproduction Moulded FRONT QUARTER VENT/Wing SEAL Rubbers $229.00 per Pair/Set   (Made using the original factory specs, these premium seals are expensive to produce as they are very large qtr vent seals!) ​​​​​​​


(Please Enquire via email about any other Commer PB 2500 parts)

1500, Dodge space van 



.  NEW HILLMAN IMP Reproduction premium Moulded FRONT QUARTER VENT SEALS  

.  NEW HILLMAN IMP Reproduction premium Moulded BODY RUBBERS



(Please Enquire via email about any other Hillman IMP parts!)



Miscellaneous/Generic  Automotive Parts Clearance "Garage Sale"


 . New Electronic Ignition Module upgrade/conversion kit only (Fits into existing Lucas 25D distributors) $99.00 AUD 


OR ...

 . New Electronic Ignition module upgrade/conversion kit with genuine Lucas Gold Sports Coil and upgrade/ultimate red rotor arm $199.00 AUD  (Fits into existing Lucas 25D distributors)


.  NEW/NOS aftermarket Double Row TIMING CHAINS $34.95 each   

  Audi- 90, 100 1968-1974 Timing chains 

  Austin- A60 Diesel 1961-1971 Timing chains 


  Datsun Sunny 120Y (B210, B310) 1400 Timing chains 

  Datsun Sunny 1200 (B110) Timing chains 

  Datsun Cherry 100A, 120A (E10, F10, N10) Timing chains 




Or PH: 0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA our EMAIL above for parts enquiries)

Check back regularly at for the latest updates!

- N.O.S. stands for NEW Obsolete / Old Stock and Genuine unless noted otherwise

# All previous dated versions of this parts list are now obsolete.


* Legal Disclaimer: Any discussion, text, Hints or information provided by us on any page of our website or via communication is purely our own personal opinion from our own experience and is in no way to be considered as legal advice or instructions from us in any way. We accept no responsibility or liabilty in any way whatsoever and if you don't understand exactly what you are doing and how to do it safely & correctly/best then you should always consult your own experienced and/or qualified person or business for advice or to complete the work.

* Prices are to be confirmed upon ordering as they can vary according to Current availability, Currency rates etc.

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