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Australian TRUCK PARTS 1962-1979


(We mainly specialise in the 200-300 /114, 129 light trucks.  Express Pick up Utes etc)

One of Jeff Andersen's own custom modified Dodge D5N Trucks at Sydney Drag-way.
(Pic Courtesy of the Chrysler car Club in Sydney)


(Select our  'International Truck Parts' Page for: C1100, D1110 etc)

And ...YES!  We regularly Post to New Zealand etc.
(For the larger items or Heavier International items over 20 kg: We can provide full details of our great value on-line Courier Broker so you can easily book it yourself.)  



The Parts list is below when you scroll down, but please read this before ordering...

Important!  Commercial vehicles had MANY different variations & configurations, and WE CANNOT FIND YOUR correct PARTS UNLESS YOU PROVIDE YOUR TRUCK Model, SIZE , WHEELBASE, Engine type etc. 
For a start & most importantly: We need to know your basic model & SIZE truck.  (Most Dodges originally had their basic size/model indicated on the badging / body side mouldings on the front mudguards/fenders like:  "D5N-300" )

In the D5Ns there were the smallest size 200 light trucks & utes, then 300, 400, 500, 600, & right up to the largest "heavy hauler" 700 size big trucks (Also known as 2 series, 3 series, 4, 5, 6,7 series) & the parts differ greatly between them.  We mainly specialise in the smaller trucks up to 300 (3 series) apart from parts like the cab seals & lenses which are the same anyway.  But we do have suppliers with some larger truck parts so try us.

Here is an example of useful / important information:
1974 D5N 300, 229 WB, 318 V8 LA, 4 spd manual, Dana 70 rear axle, Tray back.

Chassis Number is also important.  (Check LH outer front side of Chassis.  And there are also ID and Option Plates on the firewall in engine bay)


Best to EMAIL US your list of Parts wanted, and include your exact vehicle MODEL, SIZE, Year, Engine size etc in the Subject Heading.

Then we will have a look for you, and will email you back with full details once we have sorted your parts. (Provide your Delivery address including Suburb, Post code and State for a Total)



valCARparts@southernhemimedia.com  24/7

Or Ph:  0431 183 886 (Between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time, most days)

(You will get a much better response VIA our EMAIL above, for parts enquiries) 


Many other parts also available but still havenít been listed at this stage as much is still stored away in boxes awaiting stocktaking, so feel free to just ask...

Updated here below as an exhaustive stocktake is undertaken in continual stages as we get time so... CHECK BACK REGULARLY TO VIEW THE LATEST UPDATES! 


AUSTRALIAN 1960ís-1970ís Dodge AT4~D5N.  




THE Best & most correct available anywhere for these trucks!  


Save $$ by purchasing our Full Kit that includes these Individual Parts:


  . NEW DODGE AT4 / D5N etc FRONT WINDSCREEN SEAL $249.00 (Premium moulded windshield seal, best available!)


  . NEW DODGE AT4 / D5N REAR WINDOW/Windscreen RUBBER SEAL $199.00



  . NEW SET DODGE AT4 / D5N Premium reproduction MOULDED DOOR case SEALS $159.00 (4 Pieces) 
The larger diameter "sausage" section is moulded in AS ORIGINAL on our seals made specifically for these Trucks to seal properly around the main front corner of  the doors!  Our Set includes the 2 main Upper seals and the 2 shorter Lower seal sections along the bottom of the doors are included too, that others donít even supply at all! 



Our 4 piece Sets Include:

1 Pair of the Main full section Door Glass run Window Bailey Channels Stainless Steel edged like original.

And 1 Pair of the 1/4 Vent to Door Glass Run Front Channel straight upright rigid, for Window pillar.

Note: Elsewhere the Main Bailey Channels are usually not available in anywhere near the correct length!


  . NEW SET DODGE AT4 / D5N DOOR BELT/weather felt seals for side glass windows $234.00
(4 pieces, Inner & Outer both doors) 
Quality stainless steel edged like original!

(Four pieces including 
Upright extrusion rubbers)  These Premium moulded type 1/4 VENT glass SEALS SETS are made specifically for the quarter light/flipper window glass on these trucks.  Superior quality!




  . New WINDSCREEN SEALANT large CARTRIDGES $19.50 each.  
Special/Correct type to suit Classic/Vintage vehicles.  
(Unlike elsewhere, our full Kits include 2 large 
520g premium Mastic cartridges to ensure a complete weather tight seal!)

  .  NEW Dodge AT4, D5N EXTERNAL SUN-VISORS in original SOLID STYLE!  $399.00 

CAB / Body / Tub Related & INTERIOR

. NEW Dodge AT4-D5N moulded Reproduction/replacement Moulded BLACK FLOOR MAT  $379.00 
Of course these days only one version is made as a replacement general/universal fit for these trucks and as pictured, is not moulded at the REAR of hump (No Dodge letters/logo)

. NEW PAIR Dodge AT4-D5N Tub Back Express UTES:

 (Fits/seals between the bolt-on the outer rear mudguards & the Tub) 

. NEW PAIR Universal Truck MUD FLAPS PAIR in Black or White $TBA  
(Various sizes available starting with the smaller 10 Inches drop x 9 Inches Wide for most light Utes, then 12" x 18" or 13" x 24" and upwards )

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck reproduction PEDAL Rubber PAD $54.00 each. (Original PN: 1896692)  

 . NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck reproduction FUEL Tank Cab FILLER NECK RUBBER Seal  $59.00
AT4 114-129/D5N 200, 300 Express Truck/Ute etc 
(Fits models with Fuel filler going thru cab including all light trucks) 

. NEW SET Dodge AT4, D5N Truck BONNET/Hood BUMP RUBBERS $79.00  (6 pieces)

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck BONNET/Hood LACE Rubber $65.00

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck reproduction GLOVE BOX  Inner / Liner $159.00

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck Round GEAR SHIFT LEVER Rubber BOOT / Seal with steel ring, for 4 Speed manual transmission.  11/16Ē  185mm dia  $89.00

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck Round Gear Shift Rubber SEAL/BOOT with steel ing, for 5 Speed manual transmission.  7/8Ē  150mm dia $89.00

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck Rubber SEAL/BOOT with ring for FLOOR mounted Hand brake park Lever $89.00  (International Harvester C-D line style)

. NEW PAIR/SET Dodge AT4-D5N Truck RUBBERS for Door Side Glass to Retainer Channels $47.00 the PAIR or $24.00 each 

. NEW/NOS Dodge AT4, D5N Truck Door Side GLASS RETAINER CHANNEL $95.00 each  (Rare!)

. NEW SET Dodge AT4, D5N PANEL VAN Rear Doors Rubber SEALS $135.00
 11 FT per "barn" door.  (22 FT Total)  This length fits the Steel Body version (Let us know if you have the Fibreglass body Ambo etc & exact length required)

 . NEW PAIR Dodge AT4, D5N Truck CAB MOUNT INSULATORS Front $165.00 the SET (Durable Polyurethane)  

. NEW SET Dodge D5N Truck DOOR LOCK CYLINDERS/BARRELS Pair matching RH & LH with keys $89.00 the pair
(Suits LATE D5N doors with flush style door handles from July 1974 to 1979)
High Quality genuine Briggs & Stratton items!

  . NEW Indicator/Turn Signal  /park light/lamp Front clear LENS for Dodge AT4 $59.00 each.    
  NEW/NOS genuine Indicator/Turn Signal lamp Front/SIDE amber LENS for Dodge AT4 $69.00 each. 

  . NEW /NOS genuine Indicator/Turn Signal lamp Front/SIDE amber light ASSEMBLY including Lens for Dodge AT4 $94.00 each. 

  . NEW Indicator/Turn Signal FRONT /park light/lamp CLEAR LENS for D5N Dodge trucks $62.00 each  1 colour/clear
 (Use with park globes in your headlights instead and: for a safer/larger front Indicator/Turn signal lamp these days these are all clear ones used with an orange/amber globe for a clean look Indicator like modern vehicles)

  . NEW 2 colour AMBER/CLEAR "original style" reproduction Indicator/TURN SIGNAL FRONT /PARK light/lamp LENS for D5N Dodge trucks $64.00 each

NEW/NOS genuine Indicator/Turn Signal lamp Front/SIDE Amber LENS for Dodge D5N trucks $69.00 each. 

  . NEW/NOS genuine Indicator/Turn Signal lamp Front/SIDE Amber light ASSEMBLY including Lens for Dodge D5N trucks $88.00 each. 


. NEW Dodge D5N Truck LENS/COVER for INTERIOR LIGHT/Lamp $49.00 each.  (Approx 1973-1979)

 NEW Dodge AT4 truck LENS/COVER for INTERIOR LIGHT/Lamp from $64.00 (Up to approx 1971)


 . NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck SPARK PLUGS Slant six 225, HEMI six cyl 215, 245, 265 and 273, 318, 340, 360, 361, 383, 440 V8 etc $5.00 each.
(Best price in the Mopar scene for these!) Top quality Peak' Spark plugs by 'Split Fire' USA. Best For all standard and sports/high performance engines Great value for very good performance and Fuel efficiency! 

(Ours are at Best Prices/Great value compared to elsewhere!)

. 215, 245, 265 HEMI 6 cyl $89.00 per set

. V8 Small Block and Big Block 273, 318, 340, 360, 361, 383, 440 etc $99.00 per set.

(30 day Guaranteed to be the best leads set for your DODGE you've ever used!)

 .  NEW AT4, D5N etc Vintage Dodge Truck replacement IGNITION SWITCH & BARREL Assembly with Keys $69.00

NEW DODGE AT4 & D5N BRAKE Master Cylinder Seal/Rubber KIT $74.00 each  (Please inform us what size truck you have or provide Chassis Number from front LH chassis or to the right of the Radiator on the radiator yoke panel or ID plate, as vary in piston diameter with different size trucks)

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck reproduction PEDAL Rubber PAD
Original PN: 1896692 
(See CAB/Body/Tub Related section higher up on page for price)

. NEW Dodge AT4, D5N Truck reproduction PEDAL Rubber PAD.  Original PN: 1896692
 (See CAB/Body/Tub Related section higher up on page for price)

NEW DODGE AT4 & D5N CLUTCH Master Cylinder Seal/Rubber KIT $74.00 each

. NEW DODGE D5N 200 & 300 light truck/ute etc with 245 HEMI 6 Cyl petrol 3 piece CLUTCH KIT $295.00 outright  (No exchange required!) 1973-1979.  Specs: 11." Disc with 1." dia spline, 23.T 

. NEW DODGE AT4 114 light truck/ute etc six/6 Cyl petrol 3 piece CLUTCH KIT $295.00 outright 
(No exchange required!)
1962-1972.  Specs: 11." Disc with 1." dia spline, 23.T


 . NEW DODGE Light Truck Six Cyl 245-265 HEMI HEADERS/Extractors AT4-D5N series 1 to 5 Ton 1970-1979 & D3F600 series 1974 on. $415.00
Manual and Automatic Transmissions

. NEW GASKET to suit all Six Cyl 245-265 HEMI DODGE Truck Exhaust Manifolds/Headers/Extractors AT4-D5N series 1970-1979.  And all HEMI  D3F600 series.  $45.00

 . NEW DODGE Heavy Truck Six Cyl 245-265 HEMI HEADERS/Extractors AT4-D5N 5, 6, 7 series 1970-1979 & D3F600 series HEMI 1974 on.  $495.00


 . NEW DODGE Light Truck 225 SLANT SIX Cyl HEADERS/Extractors
1 to 4 Ton AT4 Tray truck & UTE 1962-1969
Manual and Automatic Transmissions. 
(Includes Ambulance Variations)

. NEW GASKET to suit all DODGE Trucks with 225 SLANT SIX Cyl Exhaust Manifold/Headers/Extractors
1962-1969 AT4 etc 
 $45.00 each


. NEW DODGE Truck V8 273-318 LA smallblock HEADERS/Extractors for late AT4-D5N 1965-1979 and D3F 500 600 700 Series 1974 on.  $TBA
. Air Conditioning   . Power Steering   . Manual Transmission  . Auto Transmission 

. NEW GASKETS PAIR to suit all DODGE Truck V8 273-318 LA smallblock Exhaust Manifold/Headers/Extractors for late AT4-D5N 1965-1979 and D3F 500 600 700 Series 1974 on.  $TBA


. NEW DODGE Truck early AT4 etc Universal Exhaust Manifold Replacement for 303 & 313 CID POLYsphere Petrol V8 (Pre-1965 with Sawtooth style rocker covers) BLOCK HUGGER SET.  $TBA

. Auto Transmission   . Manual Transmission

. NEW GASKETS PAIR to suit all DODGE Truck early AT4 etc Exhaust Manifold and Block Huggers etc for 303 & 313 CID POLYsphere Petrol V8 (Pre-1965 with Sawtooth style rocker covers)   $TBA


  NOS D5N DODGE 200-300 TRUCK 6 Cyl HEMI Genuine exhaust engine pipe  Part Number: 3545320  $85.00 


  ∑ NOS AT4 DODGE truck V8 exhaust engine pipe genuine Part Number: 2627603  $49.00


 .  New Old Stock genuine V8 Cast IRON WATER PUMP, with Left Hand outlet to suit 'LA' Small Block 273, 318 AT4, D5N Truck & Valiant  $195.00  Rare GENUINE USA made CARTER boxed / Chrysler OEM quality! (THE original and BEST ever made!)

 NEW V8 318 / 5.2 V8 ALLOY WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler/Valiant/Dodge AT4, D5N Truck LA Small Block  $105.00 

 NEW Big Block B/RB Heavy Duty 361 & 413 V8 Cast IRON 5 Bolt WATER PUMP to suit Chrysler /Mopar/DODGE AT4, D5N 700 Truck etc.  $335.00 (Extremely rare!) 

 NEW SLANT SIX 225 6 cyl ALLOY WATER PUMP to suit AT4 Chrysler/Dodge AT4, D5N $79.00 

 NEW HEMI 245 upright six/6 cyl WATER PUMP to suit AT4, D5N Dodge/Chrysler $79.00 


. NOS/NEW genuine Dodge AT4, D5N Truck ACCELERATOR PEDAL $149.00  Factory PN: 3805986 (Very Rare!)

. HEMI 215, 245, 265, 3.5 Litre, 4.0 Litre, 4.3 Litre two Barrel / 2Bbl INTAKE MANIFOLD $74.00. Genuine/used. Suit extractors or original factory exhaust manifold (not included) good condition.

 . FUEL Tank Cab FILLER NECK RUBBER SEAL AT4 114-129/D5N 200, 300 Express Truck/Ute etc.  Fits models with Fuel filler going thru cab including all light trucks. (See CAB/Body/Tub Related section higher up on page for price)


. NEW 225 slant 6 DODGE AT4 FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $139.00 

  . NEW 225 slant 6 DODGE AT4 VRS Gasket SET $89.00 (These top end Valve Regrind Set include the Head Gasket)


  . NEW DODGE AT4, D5N HEMI 245 upright 6 cylinder FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $144.00 

   . NEW DODGE AT4, D5N HEMI 245 upright 6 cylinder VRS Gasket SET  $89.00  (These top end Valve Regrind Set include the Head Gasket)

. NEW DODGE AT4, D5N HEMI 245 upright 6 cylinder BOTTOM END/CONVERSION GASKET SET $112.00
Conversion sets includes gaskets required to assemble the bottom end of an engine - this covers the area of the engine that the VRS / "Top end" kit does not cover.
Note: Rear main seals are not always included in some conversion sets but are included in the FULL Engine gasket Sets.

. NEW DODGE AT4, D5N HEMI 245 upright 6 cylinder Engine SUMP GASKET $59.00


. NEW DODGE AT4, D5N 273, 318 V8 FULL ENGINE GASKET SET $179.00   Suit LA Small Block V Eight 

  . NEW DODGE AT4, D5N 273, 318 V8 VRS Gasket SET $129.00 

       Suit LA Small Block V Eight (These top end 'Valve Regrind Sets' include the Head Gaskets)


. V8 Torque Flite Auto Transmission TORQUE CONVERTER  904 727 -Chrysler Valiant DODGE Phoenix etc.  Most just $75.00 each

Genuine Used Chrysler TORQUE CONVERTERS with good useable starter ring gears- To suit 727 and 904 Chrysler DODGE Torque Flite Automatic Transmissions. 1968-1981 DE DF DG Dodge Phoenix 318 383, Plymouth Fury, VE VF VG VH VJ VK CL CM CJ CK Chrysler Valiant 273 318 383 400 440 LA B RB Big Block, Small block.
MOST take the common 10 tooth V8 Chrysler starter motors. Currently greatly reduced in price for a limited time as we could use the extra shelf space.


 . NEW PAIR Dodge AT4 - D5N TIE ROD ENDS Light Trucks 149.00 
(1 x LH 1 x RH) 100, 200, 300 Series 1962-1979

AT4 100 models: 114, 129.  200 models: 229.  And 300 models: 329, 353.

D5N 200 models: 216 218 226 228.  And 300 models: 326, 328, 356, 358.

Occasionally WRECKING/DISMANTLING D5N 300 etc AND SOME AT4 (Please enquire via email with required parts list to see if we can find what you need.

* All prices are to be confirmed upon ordering as they can vary according to Current availability, Currency rates and outdated listings etc.

 SINCE 1978 we have worked hard doing the right thing, and earned a reputation (And our family since the 1920's!) as some of the most honest people to deal with in the Classic/Vintage Vehicle scene and we highly value our fellow enthusiast Customers!  So please be assured that we always pack items very carefully, and we personally inspect all items carefully BEFORE dispatch to ensure a quality service.

"WE HAVE A RARE & UNIQUE all-round COMBINATION OF RICH EXPERIENCE" that is perfectly suited to this very niche/ specialised area! As we are also expertly trained & experienced in Packing, vehicle restoration, professional car detailing, complete vehicle dismantling, rebuilding, body/paint work, Sheetmetal work, TV/media camera & sound work video editing etc.  And fully qualified & certified in Engineering/Metal Fabrication/Welding,  
And to top it off, we are even professionally trained & certified in Computer I.T. to improve your experience and security!

 Due to the nature & age of these now Classic/rare vehicles... Generally for most items there are no actual refunds or returns on our parts for sale as even many of the 'new' parts have been shelved for years to ensure good bulk buy prices for best possible pricing & to ensure best stock available on these parts that are often very hard to find at all these days for these niche classics!  And often they are very rare New Old/Obsolete Stock Parts that we have searched the World for over many years using our research and hands-on specialised experience in most of these vehicles & parts accumulated since the 1920s (Most parts have been shelved for decades) Note that specially ordered in, or one off/ not-regularly stocked and advertised items by us, or custom manufactured and/or modified goods are NOT eligible for exchange or credit.

Any returns for credit or exchange will NOT be accepted without prior approval, and ultimately will be decided by us carefully as we see as fair, using our vast experience in these classic/vintage cars and parts.  Any exchange or credit MUST be requested within 14 days of the Invoice/order date and the buyer is responsible for return postage as is standard practice elsewhere. Also goods must be packed safely and returned via a tracked delivery service as a minimum (As they were sent) with the same/original packaging and in unused/resalable condition as we sent them to you. With ALL original bits & pieces that were originally included in the shipment.

 * Legal Disclaimer: Any discussion, text, Hints or information whatsoever provided by us on any page of our website or via communication of any sort is purely our own personal opinion from our own experience and is in no way to be considered as official or legal advice or instructions from us in any way. We accept no responsibility or liability in any way whatsoever, and if you don't understand exactly what you are doing and how to do it safely & correctly/best then you should always consult your own experienced and/or qualified person or business for advice or to complete the work.

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